Ruli Women's Cooperative Peace Baskets

Ruli Women's Cooperative Peace Baskets

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Rwandan Peace Baskets, handmade in Ruli by women who grow your coffee.

For centuries “agaseke” – traditional Rwandan baskets have been an essential part of Rwandan culture – woven into the fabric of everyday life as vessels for food and grains, household catchalls, and gifts for important ceremonies, like weddings and christenings.

Handwoven from smooth sisal fibers wrapped around native grasses and reeds, these colorful baskets are popular wall decor. Each basket has a loop on the back, making it easy to hang.

Each bowl is available in quantities of 1 and you will receive the exact bowl that matches the ID# chosen. 

Approximately 11–12" Across x 2–3" Tall 

More spectacular colors and designs to be added periodically. 

Printable profile cards of the Ruli Women's Cooperative.