Nziza Collective Microlot

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"Strong through coffee!" 

Kivu Lake, Rwanda
5900 ft. 
Cupping notes
Honey, Nutmeg, Floral
100% Arabica with predominately bourbon varietals. 

About this coffee

This season we are featuring a Women’s Collective called Nziza a group of over 200 women who are the single providers for their families. Nziza [nziːzɑ́] is Kinyarwandan for “Beautiful.” This year their coffee was of an unparalleled calibre, and was set aside from the rest of the Kivu Lake harvest to be featured as a microlot. 

We believe Nziza will assist in lifting women and their children from poverty, as they learn new skills to become economically independent. Our desire and focus is enhanced entrepreneurship and employment opportunities, by training the women in skills such as pottery, sewing and continued investment in their craft; coffee.